29, మార్చి 2010, సోమవారం

I miss singing lullabies

I miss singing lullabies for my daughter SIRI. She is turning four next month and it seemed like just a few days ago my cute little baby needed daddy to carry her singing lullaby every night for at least half an hour walking around in the house. Even though daddy is not good at singing, some how he managed to find telugu laali songs (Any song that has laali word in it qualified initially and later realized not all of them qualify for lullabies. Some of them are rejected right away by SIRI) like vatapatra saiki from swathi muthyam, chandamaama raave from sirivennela and oh paapa laali from Geetanjali. Sick of hearing myself singing same songs I started English ones like "Hush little baby" and as SIRI demanded more of the same I started making up my own lyrics for "Hush little baby". Some how not happy singing English lullabies and googled for telugu lullabies and came across "Gunnamamidi komma meeda" song from http://sreeszone.blogspot.com. This is a big hit in my house and SIRI wanted me to sing it every night. She wants me to sing the song replacing Koyila with SIRI and Chilaka with Vennela (her best friend).
Lately SIRI is not interested in them any more. She wants mommy to read 10 books every night. Poor daddy is missing singing lullabies for SIRI. In fact, daddy is having hard time explaining little one why she should not listen to "Ringa Ringa" song from Arya-2. Every time the song is skipped in the car, SIRI demands "I like that song, I wanna listen to Ringa Ringa". I see her singing the last played song as soon as we get out the car. Daddy really got mad when she added 'Daddy ledu EK Niranjan' to the "Amma ledu naanna ledu" song. Now daddy is not only missing singing lullabies, but also has the task of DJ (skipping the songs like Ringa Ringa) and at times explaining words in songs that I never thought I would explain to a toddler.

28, మార్చి 2010, ఆదివారం

వెంటాడే పాట

మనసుకి నచ్చిన పాటలు ఎన్నో వున్నా కొన్ని మనని నిరంతరం వెంటాడుతూ వుంటాయి. అలాంటి వాటిల్లో ఒకటి సంగం అనే హిందీ ఆల్బంలో నస్రత్ ఫతే అలీ ఖాన్ పాట. దీనిని జావేద్ అఖ్తర్ రచించాడు.
దేవుడు అన్నీ ఇచ్చినా మనలో చాల మంది నిరంతరం మనకంటే ఎక్కువ వున్న వాడిని చూసి కుళ్ళుకుంటూ వుంటారు. ముఖ్యముగా వేరే దేశానికి (అమెరికా లాంటి విలాసవంతమైన) వలస వచ్చిన వాళ్లకి ఇది చాలా ఎక్కువ. హెచ్ -1 వీసా వాడు గ్రీన్ కార్డు వాడిని చూసి, గ్రీన్ కార్డు వాడు సిటిజెన్ని చూసి, అదొచ్చాక పక్కవాడి బెంజి కారుని చూసి కుళ్ళుకుంటూ వుంటారు. వీళ్ళందరికీ జీవితం మీద ఏదో ఒక కంప్లయింట్ వుంటుంది- ఎల్లప్పుడూ. నిత్యం వీళ్ళు కష్టాల లిస్టుని అందరికి సెల్ ఫోన్ లోని ఫ్రీ నిమిషాల ద్వారా ఎప్పటికప్పుడు వెళ్లగక్కుతూ వుంటారు. సినిమాలలో చూపించే కష్టాలని వీళ్ళు నిజ జీవితంలో ఎవరికీ ఉండవని చాలా గట్టిగా నమ్ముతారు, ఇంకా ఉంటాయని నాలాంటి వెర్రి బాగుల వాడు గట్టిగా వాదిస్తే అది వాళ్ళ కర్మ అని వీళ్ళు తేల్చి పారేస్తారు. వీళ్ళల్లో చాలా మంది నాకొస్తే కష్టం నీకొస్తే కర్మ అనే కాన్సెప్ట్ తో బతికేస్తారు. ఈ పాట వాళ్లకి వినిపించాలి అనిపిస్తుంది నాకు. (నాక్కూడా అప్పుడప్పుడూ అలా అనిపించే ఈ పాట గుర్తుకొస్తుంది.)
ఒక్కోసారి ఈ పాట సిటీ మనుషులలోని వ్యాపారత్మక ప్రవృత్తిని ఒక పేద ప్రేమికుడు ప్రశ్నిస్తున్నట్టు అనిపిస్తుంది నాకు. ఒక్కోసారి పది రూపాయల వడ్డీకి అప్పు చేసిన పేద వాడు, అది తిరిగి ఇవ్వలేక తను ఎందుకు అప్పు చేసాడో వడ్డీ వ్యాపారికి చెప్పలేని స్థితిలో తను మనసులో అనుకున్న ఆలోచనల్లా అనిపిస్తాయి. ఏదైతేనేం ఇది మటుకు నా వెంటాడే పాటల జాబితాలో తప్పకుండ వుంటుంది.

Shehar Ke Dukandaro Karobaar-E-Ulfat Mein Sood Kia Zian Kia Hai, Tum Na Jaan Pao Gay
Dil Ke Daam Kitne Hein Khuwab Kitne Mehnge Hein Aur Naqd-E-Jaan Kia Hai Tum Na Jaan Pao Gay
Sheher Ke Dukandaron, Sheher Ke Dukandaron

Meaning: O merchants of the town, in these dealings in love,
what is profit, what is loss you will never know!
The pricing of a heart, the expense of a dream and the currency of life you will never know!

Koi Kaisay Milta Hai Phool Kaisay Khilta Hai Aankh Kaisay Jhukti Hai Saans Kaisay Rukti Hai
Kaisay Reh Nikalti Hai Kaisay Baatein Chalti Hai Shouq Ki Zabaan Kya Hai, Tum Na Jaan Pao Gay
Sheher Ke Dukandaron, Sheher Ke Dukandaron

Meaning: How a lover meets his love, how a flower blooms,
how eye shies away from eye, how a breath is held,
and how a path runs on and on, conversation flows
in a tongue of longing, too, you will never know!

Wasl Ka Sukoon Kya Hai, Hijr Ka Junoon Kya Hai, Husn Ka Fusoon Kya Hai, Ishq Ke Daroon Kya Hai
Tum Mareez-E-Danai Maslihat Ke Shaydai Raah-E-Gumrahan Kya Hai, Tum Na Jaan Pao Gay
Sheher Ke Dukandaron, Sheher Ke Dukandaron

Meaning: Nor the calm of lovers’ arms, nor the madness of their parting, beauty’s powerful bewitchments, all that stuff of love.
You know ailments of the flesh and the welfare of the flesh,
but the striving of the spirit you will never know.

Zakhm Kaisay Phaltay Hein Daagh Kaisay Jaltay Hein Dard Kaisay Hota Hai Koi Kaisay Rota Hai Ashq Kia Hai Nalay Kia Dasht Kia Hai Chalay Kia Aah Kia Fughaan Kya Hai, Tum Na Jaan Pao Gay
Sheher Ke Dukandaron, Sheher Ke Dukandaron

Meaning: How wounds fester, how the brand stings,
What is pain and what lament, wilderness, sore feet,
what a sigh and what a plaint you will never know.

Janta Hoon Mein Tum Ko Zouq-E-Shaiyri Bhi Hai Shaksiyat Sayjanay Mein Ik Yeh Mahiri Bhi Hai
Phir Bhi Harf Chuntay Ho Sirf Lafz Suntay Ho In Ke Darmiyaan Kya Hai, Tum Na Jaan Pao Gay
Sheher Ke Dukandaron, Sheher Ke Dukandaron
Meaning: I know you foam with poetry, your form of self-embellishment,
but you see only letters and you hear only words—
and what hides behind them you will never know!

Lyrics taken from http://sanasaleem.com

6, మార్చి 2010, శనివారం

If only every one around you loves you for who you are?

Just reading the news on MSN about an Illinois woman who lived modestly and donated her fortune (7 million dollars) to Lake Forest college after her death. Every friend she has was a friend for who she was. If only we can all live like this. I am sure we all come across these situations in life where we have a lot of friends and relatives (including family), but we wonder if they are as good as we think they are. We will have more of them when we are succesful and less of them during tough times. I once read from a book that financial problems are litmus tests for your relationships. I know it is true from my own experience.
I have always had a lot of friends and relatives as I am a easy to get along. When I started making more, my circle grew. There are those who took advantage of my position and there are those who helped me to get where I am. I never forgot the person who always stayed with me through my tough times. At times it is very frustrating when you are in a relationship and realize that this person is with you because of what you are now. When things go bad, you see the real personality of the other person.
If only we all can learn a lesson from this women's life and start living modestly. How can we? Don't we all need to keep up with other's in the rat race? We need to show off our luxury cars, jewellery and big homes. All those big parties indians attend in countries like US over the weekends, they end up as topics for discussions on their way back from party. They are all about who is wearing what? and who is flautning their wealth? They don't realize that people discuss the same way when they leave their party. Most of these parties are social protocols. How many of these people show up when you need them the most? Hats off to this woman. IF ONLY EVERY ONE AROUND US LOVES US FOR WHAT WE ARE, WE DON'T HAVE TO DOUBT OUR RELATIONSHIPS DURING TOUGH TIMES.